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If you have questions about our products, or any other materials for your work, as well as completing or completing the process, please contact our engineering department to help you with any possible technical problems.



There are many ways to cut stainless steel. The relatively small thickness of the steel plate is generally cut shearing machine approach, relatively small workpiece can be used grinding wheel cutting machine. Heavy plate commonly used cutting methods are plasma arc cutting, laser cutting ...



Mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic polishing and polishing methods, the complete removal of the surface of harmful substances.



According to the requirements of the different requirements of the annealing of the workpiece, there are a variety of annealing process specifications, commonly used are complete annealing, spheroidizing annealing, and stress annealing.


Heat Treating

Improve processing performance, eliminate internal stress and prepare for the final heat treatment of fine metallographic organization. Stainless steel heat treatment heat treatment process is annealing, normalizing, aging, quenching and so on.

Complete Specifications

Professional production of stainless steel , model complete, long-term supply,can be customized according to the demand for stainless steel tubes.

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Have their own production base, rich production experience, large inventory,prompt delivery.If necessary, we can provide free samples.

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Our commitment provides products are new, in line with the state quality standards, and ready to accept the buyer's technical advice, after delivery of goods

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Factory direct sales, there is no middlemen, the price is cheap, to ensure quality and quality.

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If the quality objection after receipt of the buyer's fax supplier will be within a working day, has given the reply, if necessary we within 24 hours rushed to the scene and assist to deal with.